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Hi My wedding colors are navy blue and yellow. I found a great set of invitations that are gorgeous and elegant but simple, however, they are just black and white. Is there ettiquette on how my invitations have to be the same color as the colors I chose for my wedding?

Re: Help Wedding Invite Colors

  • I don't think they have to be the same color as your wedding colors so long as they're the same  level of formality (and even then, why not do what you'd like best?).  My colors are teal and yellow but I couldn't find any invites in those colors that I liked.  So I got cream invites with black lettering and added a teal bow to the inner envelope.  People liked them just the same.  Good luck to you!  :o)
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  • Great Thanks so much and all the best to you.
  • I think it's a personal choice....I'm all of themes/coordination so my invites reflect that.  I have no doubt that my guests will be able to tell our wedding colors from our invites.  It's whatever you like those.

    Just remember that the invites are the first impression for the wedding so you'll want your choice to reflect that!
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