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Glue on the inner envelopes a total no-no?

I'm having a really hard time finding euro style inner/outer envelopes where the inner envelope doesn't have glue.  I found one set, but it's not the exact color of my invitation paper.  I really want the euro style as opposed to the pointed flap or straight flap. 

 Is it a huge faux pas to use inner envlopes that have glue on them, but just not seal the envelope??  Is it worse to buy the set that doesn't exactly match my invitations (it's a slightly darker cream than the "soft white" invitation/enclosure card paper)??  Or should I just stick with the inner/outer set that DOES match my invites, doesn't have glue on the inner envelope, but has a pointed flap?

  Thanks for your advice!Smile

Re: Glue on the inner envelopes a total no-no?

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    As you know, inners aren't supposed be gummed, but in the grand scheme of things, I'm not even sure I'd say it's a faux pas or a no-no. Only you can decide how persnickety you want to be. I assumed inners aren't gummed, so imagine my surprise when mine came back from my stationery lady and were gummed. I decided it was one detail I wasn't going to worry about.
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    I guess so. 

    The invitations were from Cranes and there was no glue.

    but there was tissue over the engraving.  I think I may have used it for keenex
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    I don't think it will be a huge deal as long as you don't seal them. I'd rather have the colors match exactly than have plain inner envelopes.
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