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What kind of envelope for wooden slice STDs?

My save the dates are going to be exactly like the ones below and I'm not quite sure what kind of envelope to use (the wooden slices have magnets on the back so people can put it on their fridge).  I want it to be sturdy so the wood doesn't rip the envelope apart and because of the size (the wood slice is about 2.5 inches in diameter) I would need small and square envelopes.  Any one know of where I can find sturdy envelopes (preferably not just plain white) for this in a small size?
Let me know! Any help will be appreciated.

Re: What kind of envelope for wooden slice STDs?

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    For mine, I got some colored card stock from Walmart or Target with matching envelopes and adhered the magnets to the card stock with glue dots (like the stuff debit and credit cards are attached to the paper with). Then the mailing was the size of a thank you card. That might be simpler than trying to find the small square envelopes.
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  • The post office has a minimum size for mailing. Check with them before buying anything. PP had a good suggestion to attach them to a larger card. 

    I buy cards that have rhinestones on them and found that just adding cardstock on top and below the card keeps it from damage when mailing.

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