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Centering addresses?

My invitations just came in! Yay!  So I'm starting to thinking about addressing them (I know I'm not sending them out for another 4-5 weeks, just a planner).  I don't want to print (no offense to anyone who does, I just like the handwritten look), so I'm going to handwrite everything except the return address, which was preprinted by the invitation company.

My question is, did any of you find a good way to center guests' names and addresses on the envelopes?  I am pretty bad at that on normal letters, honestly.  Just wondering if there's an easy way to do this I'm not thinking of...thanks!

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Re: Centering addresses?

  • I would insert a card just a little smaller than the envelope with preprinted lines and have the center clearly marked so you can see through to do your addressing.
  • I knew one bride who cut a piece of cardstock to the size of her wedding envelopes then cut out a rectangle in the center where she wanted the address to be.  When writing the addresses she put the cardstock over her envelopes and wrote within the empty space.  It helped her immensely. 
  • Those are both great ideas!  Thanks so much!
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