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How much for invitations?

Whats normal?

I received a BIG number from the woman I'd like to hire as our invitation designer for her estimate.  It does include our save the dates, programs, seating chart, thank you cards, and placecards at our wedding.

WHats the rule of thumb on cost of invitations?

Re: How much for invitations?

  • It really can vary: quantity, printing method, multiple ink colors, paper layers, ribbons, multiple inserts, linings, etc. If you're paying a freelance artist to design your stuff, keep in mind part of their fee is for their time, not just the paper and printing itself.

    If you can find/DIY something similar for less, I'd probably suggest going that way -- that money can either be saved or moved into your allowance for flowers, videographer, etc.

    That said, I don't it's crazy to spend 2-8% of your budget on the paper.

  • I don't think invitation budgets scale all that well with overall budgets.  I have a fairly large budget, but invitations are one of the areas where I am trying not to spend a ton of money.  I just ordered my invitations online.  With a 25% off coupon code, I paid $350 for 150 invitations, including response cards, reception cards, and a multi-purpose card.

    You can easily spend a ton of money on invitations, but I worked hard to find nice, classic-looking invites that weren't super expensive.
  • I think it (percentage of overall budget allotted to stationery) depends on how important invitations are to you.  For me, the invitations are an extremely important factor in setting the mood and reflecting our style and personalities. 

    Right now, it looks as if we'll spend twice as much on invitations (letterpress: square invite, reply postcard, no inner envelope) as is budgeted for decor/floral (canopy, my bouquet, FI's bout, bouts for best men, flowers for cake table). 
  • It really, really, really depends.  I think 8% of your budget is pretty high, but you have to look at it in terms of what that takes away from.  If you spend that much on the invitations does it mean you have to sacrifice something else you care about?  2 to 8 is a big range.... mine are around 2% of my total budget, but we'll probably come in under budget so it will be a larger percentage of the final cost.  But I would definitely not have spent 4 times what I paid.

    Also, don't forget to include postage in your budget!
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  • Invitations for me are high, but I've got a background in graphic design and this is probably going to be the only time in my life that I can get away with using letterpress :). I'm also not buying a dress, shoes, flowers, getting my hair done, my makeup is free, etc, etc, so that I can splurge on the few things that really do matter to me (like my awesome invitations and announcements.)
  • Thats what I've always heard, but like PP said there are a lot of factors to consider.  For example, we're having a DW, so we will only need about 50 invitations.  So, spending 8% of our budget would be a little much for us, but might be reasonable if we were inviting 150 people.  We're hoping to spend 2% of our budget for 50 letterpress invitations, welcome dinner card, and rsvp card. Does anyone know if the 2- 8% is for invitations only or for all paper?
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