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Addressing STD envelopes

I need advice on addressing the envelopes for my save the date cards.

Here is the situation:
Fiance's cousin (over 18)  is in college and has a significant other who will be invited.  He would prefer for us to send the invite to his parents house.  Do I mail out 2 separate invites?

 I don't feel that I should write:

Mr & Mrs. Fiance's Uncle Last Name
Cousin and guest name
1234 Main Street
Sunnytown, FL  12345

Or can I just write:

The ______  Family
1234 Main Street
Sunnytown, FL  12345

Re: Addressing STD envelopes

  • Two separate invites.
  • Two invites.  And, since the cousin and his GF aren't married, it should be

    Mr. First Last
    123 Sesame Street
    Anycity, State
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  • Hi, I'm having the same problem and was looking through the posts to make sure I didn't ask a question that was already asked.

    What about addressing a family (a mother and daughter live together)
    could you type The Smith family in that case ? Or should both names be typed out ? Mother & Daughter Smith ?
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