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Rehearsal dinner invitation

I have no idea if you're supposed to send out formal invitations for the rehearsal dinner or not... Is it okay to call the people that will be invited and give them the details over the phone?

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  • We're sending out formal invitations.  The last wedding that I was in, I wish formal invites had been sent because apparently my date was invited, but I had no idea because there was no invitation with both our names on it just a "hey, we're having dinner after the rehearsal at the church."  I think it helps those invited, even if they're close to you and in the loop, know what and when things are happening!
  • We sent out invitations we bought on Vistaprint (really cheap - plus, my in-laws hosted, so I wanted to make it a little more formal because that's what they wanted). Many people I know have just done e-vites, or emailed people, or called.
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  • We sent out cheap invitations from VP that were cute and casual; since we were inviting over 50 people to the RD we didn't want to have to call or e-mail every single person and thought this easiest. You can just do word of mouth if you want.

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  • We did not send formal invitations.  Our immediate families already knew the info, we sent a Facebook message to our wedding party, and we called our grandparents and our aunts (who are readers).  This seemed to work just fine for us.  
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