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what does an invite include?

What is the difference between a save the date and an invite? and do you have to send both? what is the cheapest way to go? and what is all that should be included in either a save the date or invite? any examples?

Re: what does an invite include?

  • Exactly what PP said.

    I work at a stationery shop and most of our wedding invitations include:
    1. invite
    2. RSVP postcard or card and envelope
    3. Reception card (or this info is printed on the invite)
    4. Accommodations/Directions card (optional, but nice for out of town guests)

    Save the dates are NOT required, and if you do use them you do not need to send them to everyone you plan on inviting - ours were only sent to out of town guests, others had already been notified of the date.

    If you're concerned with cost, skip save the dates and mail your invitations out at the 8 week mark, rather than at 6 weeks. Notify anyone who's coming from out of town so that they can book travel/hotels if necessary.
  • Hi

    Find pretty cost effective invitations at and for enquiries you can post to their facebook pages.
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