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Save the Dates - Inexpensive & Pretty!


So happy!!! I just ordered our Save The Date magnets from for 100 of them, I paid $52.48 !!   That includes free shipping!

Seriously - vistaprint gives away so many free things!  I wanted magnet, but if you are looking for regular card save the dates...they are running a special for 30 FREE!!

Never pay anything full price at vistaprint or anywhere online for that matter....always google (orwhatever search engine you use, but Google is my love, haha) the company name and then PROMO CODE right after it  (i.e., "vistaprint promo codes").   Doing searched like that should help you save even more.


Re: Save the Dates - Inexpensive & Pretty!

  • Really! I just order post card save the dates from them, but I wanted magnets :(

    <a href="
    ">BIO/BLOG For Sale Section Updated 2/6/2012 </a>

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    <a href="
    ">SixFourteen Photography </a>
  • Aww well I'm sure your post cards are beautiful!!!
  • Ann's Bridal Bargains is another company offering discounted prices on Save The Dates, Invitations, Napkins, etc. Really pretty stuff, and worth comparing the prices - they're quite affordable.
  • Thank you for the post! I ordered 100 save the date magnets at the same price as you did. I am so glad I googled the coupon to get 50% off and free shipping. Can't wait to get them in!

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  • Thanks for the post... they offer really cute ones!  How are the sizes with the magnets though?  The picture looks large; how do they look in person?? 
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  • Ladies - you are most welcome for the post!  I will post pics as soon as they arrive so you can all see.  From what I read, the size of the magnet is:  5.47" x 4.21"

    jc04100657  - can't wait to see yours!!

  • Actually...while I think about it, here's the sample of what we ordered =)

  • @ Missa513 - Yours is very cute! Love the colors! Here is a preview of mine. I should get my order is about 2 weeks :)
    Yes I also called and they said the size was 5.47" x 4.21" on the large magnets


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  • jc04100657   love the pink!! very pretty.
    I'm anxious for them to arrive...we got an e-mail this morning saying they are coming 5 days 12/9!!
  • thanks for posting this ladies! i was just on vistaprint, and came back to the knot to double check that it wasn't too good to be true!
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