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Invitiation - Awkward Situation

I asked my maid of honor, who is an aspiring artist, to design my wedding invitation. I thought she would be really excited and spend a lot of time making sure the invitation design was perfect - not only because it is her best friends wedding, but also to sell herself as an artist. We had discussed the concept of the design but I noticed that she wasn't being very proactive about working on it.

She sent me a couple of drawings which, to be quite honest, were bad. I felt like I could have done better, and I am no artist. I asked her to keep trying different things out without telling her that I thought her drawing was elementary, but she didn't seem very invested in it. She expressed interest when talking with me but I can tell from what she was giving me that she did not put much time into it.

I've consulted with some other people (fiance, mother, sister) to see what they thought about the most recent (and what she considers the final) drawing , and the reaction was always the same - "it looks like crap". The problem is, she thinks it's really good.

I don't want to offend her because I don't think the invitation is worth offending my best friend, but at the same time, it really isn't very good. What do I do? Just go with it? Or confront her about it?

I've thought about maybe telling her I'm going to a different direction, not a drawing but maybe a photo, but I feel that again may offend her. Any advice?

Re: Invitiation - Awkward Situation

  • The site doesn't seem to support the image. Thanks for the feedback. I'm still not sure what to do. I'm not going to have invites for the rehearsal dinner. I will have to see how much it will be to print up these invites, as I could perhaps use a budget excuse. It's frustrating because half of the time I feel like it isn't worth making her feel bad - that people will look at the invite for a couple of seconds and probably toss it. But the other half of the time I feel really unhappy with how it turned out.
  • I'm really curious about it too, lol.

    I agree with PPs -- tell her you've all decided to go in a different direction. Or you can be honest and say the drawing isn't what you were imagining and it's not what you discussed. If people are going to commission her for work in the future, she'll need the experience of designing and redesigning.

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