Wedding Invitations & Paper

How to word this invite situation?


So I have been pondering over this for months, the darn invitation wording. Are you ready for all the elements...?

Both our parents are hosting, both my Father and Step mother, Mother and Step father, and his parents (thank goodness they are not divorced and remarried because the invitation would look like a book! lol. 

So this is what I got so far


Mr.&Mrs.Bell (brides dad), Mr.& Mrs.Everding(brides mom), and 

Mr. and Mrs. Cruz (grooms parents)

request the pleasure of your company 

at the marriage of their children

Brides First and Middle Name 


Grooms First Middle and Last Name





Reception to Follow

Please no Children


So are the commas appropriate for the formal invite, and does this seems like a mouth full of people? We did consider just saying "together with their parents" but we both feel like everyone who is putting money towards the wedding needs to be honored. 


Thank you for any input! 


PS. Is "please no children" rude?


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