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Did you call guests to check on invitations you thought got lost in the mail?

Hey ladies,

I work with Knot Annie, and she suggested I come to this board to take a poll for the magazine. Thanks in advance for your votes. Here goes!

Re: Did you call guests to check on invitations you thought got lost in the mail?

  • Once the RSVP date is passed, if anyone didn't respond, then we contacted them to check and see if they were coming. 

    We did have one or two invitations that were returned to us by the post office, so I just redid the envelopes and sent them again.
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    We didn't call to see if anyone got them since clearly they were sent through ok as we didnt have any returned.

    We do plan on contacting guests who dont RSVP once the deadline comes
  • Once the deadline passed, we contacted the people who hadn't yet RSVPed.  I know that all of them got their invitations, though, because they all commented on them.
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  • I don't understand the question.  Are you talking about calling before the RSVP deadline because you assume (based on what exactly?) that they were lost in the mail?
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  • We used the "Just want to make sure your response card wasn't lost in the mail" line when the response date passed and we called the non responding guests.
  • I'm mailing mine this week, but I definitely plan to call once I don't get a reply back.

  • Exactly - we are going to call guests who haven't responded after the rsvp date.
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