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Invites for college kids?

I have a few cousins away at college, and I'm not sure how to send their invitation. When I was in college, I sucked at checking my mail and I probably wouldn't have mailed back an RSVP card on time, but I realize that not all college kids are as flaky as I was. What should I do?

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    We sent our college kid invitations to their parents' homes and contacted the kids to let them know they were there. We did then have to contact a few of them again when RSVPs were due and they hadn't sent theirs back yet. 
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    I hate getting mail sent to my parents' house. I never get mail at my school and would love it if anyone cared to send me some. I'm also the kind of person that sends out an RSVP as soon as I know if I can make it to an event. Instead, everyone just assumes it's okay to put me on my parent's invitation and then my parents RSVP for me and pick a meal for me without even asking me what I would like to eat. Most college students I know also wish they received more mail at school.

    If you think your cousins are so irresponsible that they will ignore your invitation without coaxing from their parents, then you could send a SEPARATE invitation to the parents. I would recommend asking your cousins where they prefer to receive mail.
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  • I recommend asking the cousins too.  There was someone with the same last name as me, and they constantly got my mail when I lived in the dorms, I couldn't trust that I would get anything there (very annoying). 
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