elishanb, anyone else who has been on the GCF Princess :)

Okay, it took me a while to figure out if that is the right way to make sure you see my post! Is it?? Thanks a lot for your responses about the Clipper. I think it made my FI a lot more excited to look at it! NOW we are worried about the dance floor size. Do you know which boat you were on? The only one available is the Princess, and that dance floor is pretty small. 

Re: elishanb, anyone else who has been on the GCF Princess :)

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    elishanbelishanb member
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    Hi sorry I have been SUPER busy and not on much today. We were on the princess (I think) The dance floor wasn't the largest of dance spaces. but it didn't really matter because the music carried pretty much everywhere very well. and that made it easy to dance on any level :) Which might not sound like a good idea but it was fun to walk around the boat and see a full dance floor and random people dancing everywhwre else (including on the very top deck) HTH :)
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    Thank you :) I think we are about to make our decision (we better, because my temporary holds are about to expire!) I'm just so stressed to make a wrong choice!
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