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Cards & Pockets Pocketfold & Inner Invitation *xp*

I am planning to buy my pocketfolds (Signature 5" x 7") from Cards & Pockets.    I need to find a place to print the invitation that we will mount on the inside of the pocketfold. 

I do not have a home printer capable of printing then properly myself. 

I really wanted to use VIstaprint because they have such great deals all the time, but it looks like none of their options fit the size that I need (4.5" x 6.5").

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Or am I going to have the bite the bullet and pay for C&P to do the printing as well?


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Re: Cards & Pockets Pocketfold & Inner Invitation *xp*

  • OliveOilsMomOliveOilsMom South Jersey member
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    I used VP to print my invites and then used C&P pocketfolds.  My friend designed my invites for me.  She created them at 5.5 inches square and for the remainder of the invite she put a gray bar.  We used a 6 inch square pocketfold and uploaded the design onto their 6x9 invite which is actually 5.5x8.5.  Then when the invites were printed, we just cut off the gray bar and glued them into the pocketfold.  She did the same thing for the inserts.

    You can try, they have a pocketfold large enough to fit the standard invite sizes for VP.  The pocketfolds at envelopperinc cost more than C&P, which is why I went the cut down route with my friend. 
  • We went the easy route and had C&P print and cut our invites plus 3 inserts. It turned out perfect! 
  • C&P is very reasonable for printing.  You might save a few pennies going elsewhere, but I think paying a marginally higher amount is worth the convenince of having them handle it.
  • I have one vote for I'd be using them for my invites, the quality is so great (ordered free samples) which we all deserves for our special day! They have one day turn around for those who are really in a hurry.
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