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Inner Envelope?

I am sincerely confused and apologize if this question is asked a bajillion times. What is it that is supposed to put on the inner envelope? I am totally confused by this and curious all at the same time...I did a google search and couldn't find much--but, still, I read about it all the time on here, and I'm just clueless Embarassed
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Re: Inner Envelope?

  • i'm in the middle of this whole mess too.  we finally decided to make the inner envelope fairly informal and have first and last name for singles and first names for married couples. Jane Smith or Jane and John
    it all depends just how formal you wedding is and what impression you want to give.  almost all wedding etiquette books state to have the inner as Mr. & Mrs. Smith, whereas the outer would say Mr. & Mrs. John A. Smith
    i think this site, even has etiquitte for envelopes.  just google search.  hope this helps
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