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renaissance wedding invitation wording

We are having a renaissance theme wedding and I need some ideas on how to word the invites.  My mom and stepfather will be hosting the wedding.  I found this site but I wasn't very impressed.  I need more inspiration!  HELP!
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Re: renaissance wedding invitation wording

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    ditto CMGr.

    If you're wanting to add renaissance flair, I'd do it through the design of the invitations and *maybe* this subtle word change to traditional invitation wording: "...the honour of thy presence..."

    Otherwise, I'd keep it relatively 'normal.' For any suggestion to your guests to wear costumes, I'd let that just be communicated via word of mouth or on the wedding website.

    Etsy could prove very useful for ideas: click!
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    Pretentious? If it's a renaissance THEME wedding then calling themselves Lord and Lady is perfectly acceptable.
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: renaissance wedding invitation wording</a>:
    [QUOTE]Pretentious? If it's a renaissance THEME wedding then calling themselves Lord and Lady is perfectly acceptable.
    Posted by MrsLiggett7[/QUOTE]

    I'm pretty sure a real Lord or Lady, who are entitled to use those titles, would disagree.
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    Hi! Glad to see another Renaissance Bride!

    The best place I have found for wording has been They have some great inspiration for all sorts of wedding s (theme or not), lots of renaisssance/medieval weddings, and a very awesome "tribe" (aka forum) for help. They have some great thigns for wording as well.

    We are staying away from using "Lords and Ladies" on our invitations because we feel it is too formal and "stuffy".

    I am thinking of doing something along these lines:

    Hear ye! Hear ye!
    Let it be known through the land that BRIDE and GROOM will be wedded together on the Thirteenth day of June in the year two thousand thirteen at VENUE
    Your presence is requested by FAMILIES OF THE BRIDE AND GROOM

    Feasting and merriment to follow

    Renaissance attire encouraged

    Or something along those line! I hope it helps!
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