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This may be a stupid question, but for the invitation do I set the time earlier than the actual ceremony time? Say 3:00, but the ceremony starts at 3:30? Reason I ask is that to me the time is when to show up, not when the ceremony starts. I figured the ceremony would just start as guest finish seating, but the lady who is organizing the ceremony said they start right on time and are rarely late. Just don't want people walking in as we are walking down the aisle!

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    Nope.  Put on the invitation the ceremony start time.  People know they need to show up to sit before you enter - generally people show up 15-30 minutes in advance. 

    If they show up late, that's their problem - make sure you have someone directing traffic so that late guests can't enter in the middle of the procession, they'll have to wait until everyone is in and up the aisle.
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    You should put the time it actually starts.  Older guests will show up early since that used to be what everyone did.  You don't want people to show up over 45 min before the ceremony starts.  If people are late, it's rude and it sucks, but I'd consider everyone else who will be there on time or early.  Personally, we plan to start the ceremony at 3:35 for the family I know ALWAYS arrives late!
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    Thanks girls, just wasn't sure if I needed to add buffer time.

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    Don't add buffer time.  If the day of, 1/3 of your guests at there at 3pm, then if you need to start, late. but really, it'd be any guest's own fault if they come late and their loss
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