Wedding Invitations & Paper

Few Invite Questions

1.) We are listing out our First, Middle and Last names on the invites.  Is this acceptable?  I see that many people just put their first and middle names.  My fiance is a Jr. so I don't think I can list our names out another way
2.)At the bottom of our invite we have "Reception immediately following"  Is the "R" in "reception" supposed to be capitalized? Also, is this the proper way to phrase this or should I just go with Reception to follow
3.)The response cards will be addressed to my fiance and myself.  What is the proper way to do this if we list both our first and last names on the envelope? Do each of our names go on separate lines?
4.) On our response cards we have
Kindly reply
before the twelfth of August
___will attend      ____regretfully must decline
              ___number attending

Does this seem to be worded correctly? There isn't a comma after regretfully, correct?

Thanks in advance for your help! I can't wait to finalize this and get them ordered!
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