Request for permission to be absent

I wanted to do this before I forget and/or get to busy!If it would be okay with you guys, I would like to request permission to absent for our honeymoon today and I won't be back until October 6th! I started a blog - I just haven't written anything yet but we plan on getting to the airport early so I expect to have an entry done before we leave.  Here's the address: very clever name/title, but you'll have that :) Let me know if anyone wants any souvenirs!! I'll see you guys when I get back!

Married 9/19/09
Me: 27 // DH: 31
TTC # 1 Since October 2010 (Not preventing since 2009)

October 2012: DH Dx: Testicular Cancer -- Left Orchiectomy
December 2012: F/U CT Scan -- All clean!
January 2013: Starting the adoption process!

Re: Request for permission to be absent

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