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inviting some but not all- how does this sound?

I have been reading through the posts on how to word my invites but am a little stuck. We are going to be married around 9:30am and the reception is at 11. Only a handful of people are invited to the ceremony. We are trying to word it so that people know they are coming just for the reception. Most of the sample wording has the marriage taken place in the past tense... how does this sound?

Will be joined in marriage
August 28, 2010

Please join us in celebration
At a barbecue reception

on August 28, 2010
from 11-4pm

Venue name

Venue address

Re: inviting some but not all- how does this sound?

  • hmmm normally it's the other way around invited to the ceremony and not the reception...

    why so few to the ceremony?

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    Use the typical invitation size page for an invitation to the reception, then use what's typically the reception insert to create a ceremony invite for the few you're inviting to that.

    For everyone:

    Please join us to celebrate the marriage of

    at a barbeque reception
    August 28, 2010
    11 o'clock in the morning

    Venue name
    Venue Address

    For just the ceremony people:

    request the pleasure of your company

    ETA: OP, someone may have better wording than me, but that's generally the drift.  Also, this only works without hurting feelings if the ceremony is very very small, immediate family only type small.

    And PP, I wouldn't say that it's "usually" the other way around, in fact, I'd say it's pretty rude to invite someone to the ceremony and not reception. 
  • Jelenny- The ceremony will only be immediate family. Prob under 20 people. I don't need strangers at my ceremony (ie, his work friends etc).

    I agree with PirateGal. It would be really rude to invite to the ceremony and then tell them to go home while everyone else parties.

    Its just tricky to word it since ceremony is same day..
  • arllinma- We are doing the same thing.  Family only at the ceremony then a large party.  I don't like being in front of everyone and actually the ceremony location will not hold everyone invited to the reception, so we decided family only.
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