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Magnetic Save the Dates

I've heard stories about magnetic Save the Dates getting stuck to mailboxes and such. And now I'm having nightmares about that and them getting stuck to each other. If we place each in its envelope in the same direction they mostly do not stick to each other. My fear is if two are touching with the recipient address towards each other they do get stuck to each other. I'm just picturing my friend's (Philadelphia) Save the Date landing clear across the country at my fiance's aunt's house (California). Is there a solution to this or do we just mail them and cross our fingers?

Re: Magnetic Save the Dates

  • I mailed Magnetic Save the Dates and didn't have a problem at all.....So I highly doubt you will. Your putting them in envelopes right?
  • Ours were attached to cardstock because I think it looks a little weird to just stick a magnet in an envelope.
  • Yes, they will be in envelopes. They are 4"x5" so that are pretty substaintial on their own. I was thinking of not using the cardstock to save on costs as long as I won't have problems with them sticking to each other while mailing them.
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