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Addressing to a same sex couple.

I *think* I know the answer, but...

I have 2 friends who are in a same-sex relationship who I am inviting to my wedding. I know usually you address unmarried individuals in the same house hold (such as living together) on separate lines. However, these women have been together for 7-8 years, live together, are thinking about having a baby together in the next year or two... and I know (yes, for a fact) they would be married if our state allowed it.

So, would you do both names on the same line with an "and" like a married couple? And use Ms. instead of Miss?

(I doubt they'll mind either way, I just wanted to see what your opinions are.)
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Re: Addressing to a same sex couple.

  • If they're functioning as a married couple (just without the state seal since they can't get it), yes, I'd address them like that, so I'd do:

    Ms. Jane Doe and Ms. Mary Smith

    The first name would be the one I know best or knew first, but if you met them at the same time and are equal friends with both, I'd probably just use alphabetical order. And yes, Ms. I don't personally know any grown woman (of any sexual persuasion!) who chooses to go by Miss.
  • I agree with tenofcups on all accounts.
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  • I totally agree with the above two posters.
  • I also have a same sex couple on our invite list.  They had a wedding, sans marriage liscense/certificate, 10 years ago and adopted a baby this year.  I don't care if Kentucky doesn't count them as legally married - I do.  So, I'll address the invites as such.
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