Hey, sorry I didn't see your question in the post from a few days ago... I have 23 of the table card holders. HTH, though I know you need more. Let me know if you're still interested and I can ship them ASAP. Yay for only 2 more weeks!

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    I just was about to page you!! FI brought the ones from the girl he works with, she had 50 of them, and I am gonna use them. Thank you so much for offering them though. I do appreciate it very much.I am getting so nervous. I had my hair trial today and got it highlighted and a rough draft done. I had to take out the pins before i got home so FI didn't see it!
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    No problem, I'm glad you found enough of them! I hope your nerves calm and you have a stress-free rest of the ride. It sounds like you've got things pretty together.
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