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timely response cards

Hey all! Is it usually a month before the wedding that you should set the "Respond By" date on the  response cards? 

Re: timely response cards

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    I think 2 weeks is generally more appropriate.  It depends when you need a final count to your caterer/venue.  Our caterer wanted 7 days notice, so we asked for the responses to be in 2 weeks early.  This gave us an extra week to contact anyone that didn't respond.

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    Around 2 weeks before you need your final count for the venue or caterer.

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    On nearly every invitation I've ever made for people, we've set the "please reply by" date as one month before the wedding - Caterers are the main people who would need to know an exact count.
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    Our "reply by" date is one month before hand.  Generally 1-2 weeks before you need the final numbers to your caterer is a good idea in order to track down stragglers who didn't RSVP on time.
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    Thanks soooo much gals!!! Im going w/a month before!!
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