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"Brady Bunch" Invitation Wording - HELP!

My fiance and I just got engaged after suffering through each of our divorces.  'Our wedding is a very special occasion and one that is going to be the highlight of family's year because of how we found each other and got together.  I have 3 children from my previous marriage and my fiance has a daughter from his previous marriage and we want to incorporate them in every aspect of the wedding details including the invitations.  We are just not sure how to do that.  HELP! 

Re: "Brady Bunch" Invitation Wording - HELP!

  • If we're talking minor children here then they really don't belong on the invitation.

    But what about a graphic of a family to be at the bottom?  It could even be a simple outline if that's what you really want.  Names however shoudl not be on there.
  • Your children properly belong in the program.  Not on the invitation. 
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  • The only wording on the invitation I could think of would be

    Bride name
    Groom name
    together with their families
    invite ...
  • This seems like a good place for "together with their families." List their names in the program with a sweet note.

    I do think the silhouette image Banana could be adorable. I'm picturing something like you see on cars with stick figures representing the families and a plus sign between them.
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  • My cousin just got married, and although she only had one child, it was cute because the invitations said 

    Elijah James Fisher invites you to the wedding of his mother, Jessica Fischer to Joseph Collins on.... blah blah blah....

    or if you were designing your own invites, you might let them draw a little design for the front cover.

  • While it's "cute" it's just not appropriate.  A child isn't hosting an event.
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