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Opinions on our save-the-dates

For our save-the-dates, I'm not sure whether we should have a little fun or be serious with it. I saw some fun ideas that I liked because I felt it played on the fact that my fiance and I knew each other since grade school and are both a young couple (we're 22). I just don't want it to turn out corny. Outside opinions kindly wanted. Thank you.
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Re: Opinions on our save-the-dates

  • The FB themed one really confuses me. I think the first option is adorable, though!
  • The first one is cute. I don't really like the FB one.
  • The first one is cute, the fb one confuses me.
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  • I don't like the facebook one at all.  The first one is adorable though.
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  • #1.  Also, if you have a picture of the two of you together when you were little, you could use that.

    My 2 pre-school best friends, married each other a few years ago.  They had a picture of them drawing on a chalkboard, and they put a caption under save the date, that said love is for all ages.

    Everyone loved it.
  • No a fan of the facebook one one...too confusing
  • I also like the 1st one more. The FB one is cute and I think it could work if you had each of the comments giving info, instead of random chatter. Like one would say the date, another 'formal invitation to follow,' or something like that. 

    I'm not sure if I'm crazy about the sentence in the first STD poking fun at how long you've waited, but that's just me. 
  • The first one is so cute I didn't even bother looking at the second one.  Go for it.
  • Wow - you go from the cute first one to the FB one - super confusing.  Go with the first, it's cute.

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  • Okay, ladies---it's unanimous, no one (including my fiance) seems to like the FaceBook themed save the dates. He thinks they are tacky. Well, we're only still in the choosing phase so that's one idea out. Thank you all for the opinions, it really did help----sometimes you need an outside point of view for clarity.
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