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I was thinking it would be really special to have each guest bring a single flower to put in a big vase on the head table, or the guestbook table of the reception.   I have already sent out my invites so I was thinking I would send out a little map to the ceremony as well as this request to the people that RSVP.   But is this acceptable?  People are coming in from all over the country, getting hotels, btinging gifts, it too much to ask them to bring a flower?   is it weird to send out the request that way?

Re: acceptable?

  • Kinda weird. If you want to do something like that, maybe distribute stems to each of your family members and have them walk up to the alter/ceremony site and put the flowers in a vase, which can then be transfered to the reception.
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  • no, please don't do that.  Think about it.... i just spent five hundred dollars on airfare and another five hundred dollars on hotels.  Do i really want to rent a car and drive around looking for some grocery store or florist in a town i don't know?  how will I find this place if I don't have internet access?  How will I get directions?  Also, I want to see this town and site see and it will take me so long to find this flower. Then I have to get up earlier to go find this flower because I can't get it the day before. I have to carry it with me to the ceremony and stand around holding it while i try to drink my drink and eat at the cocktail hour.  I have to hold it while I'm trying to hug you in the recieving line.  All so you can have a mish mash of cheap beat up grocery store flowers in your head table vase that are not arranged nicely and will look like s*it.  It's a terrible idea.  
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