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How many peole are or are not using programs at their ceremony?

I am not sure if we want touse programs at the ceremony. I sort of think they are a waste because they just get thrown away at the end, BUt on the otherhand the guest might like to know the order of the ceremony. what do you all think?

Re: How many peole are or are not using programs at their ceremony?

  • I personally am not using ceremony programs. I don't want to spend the extra money and also think they will be thrown away.

    I think a ceremony program is a good idea if there will be cultural or religious traditions that your guests aren't familiar with.
  • I am not doing them.  I think you should have them if the ceremony is long or complicated.
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    We do not plan to have programs.  Our ceremony will be short and sweet, some music, a reading, maybe more music, vows, big fat kiss, group blessing of the couple, maybe a little more music and done.  :)
  • I'm doing programs.  I think it's nice for guests to be able to follow along.  I also think it's really helpful to include notes about who is involved in the ceremony.  For example, as a guest it is a lot more interesting to listen to a reading when I know from the program that it is your friend from childhood doing the reading, rather than some random person I don't know.
  • Not doing programs.  My budget philosophy is, if it doesn't make it a better party, don't spend the money.  Programs always get tossed and I hate the waste of paper.  The bridal party is just our siblings and our ceremony will be short and sweet.
  • Not doing programs either. Like most of the PP's said, unless you are having a long detailed ceremony or need to identify a large wedding party, there's no reason to be doing them.
  • I am doing them. I want my guests to know what's happening and who all those people are standing up with us. I'm including a beautiful memorial poem (Squirrly had it in her program template) for those family members who are no longer with us. I am also including directions from the church to the reception and then back to the hotels and home (some people here are scared of Baltimore and will need help getting out!).

  • I hate going to weddings that don't have programs.  I like to know what is going on in what order, who the WP is, what the music selections are, etc.  It drives me up the wall to not have a program. 

    There are templates for two different styles of programs in my planning bio.
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  • As a guest too, I like looking at the program to follow during the ceremony and it can explain who the people are in your BP.  My priest actually asked that we do one!
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