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Here's a challenge...

My father is primarily paying for the wedding, but my fiance and I agree that we should include all our parents on our invitation.  The line for his parents is easy, Mr. Jon Doe and Mrs. Jane Doe.  My parents are complicated, I have a father, a step-father, and no mother since she passed away 5 years ago.  How do we do this without my family looking completely dysfunctional next to his nuclear family?  And how can I make it clear that my step-father and father aren't a gay couple?  My step-father means a lot to me, and I know he would be tickled pink to see his name on the invitation.  I'm not sure I want my mom's name on, since she's obviously not going to be there and isn't a host.  Any ideas?

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  • I believe that deceased parents aren't listed on the invite since they're not a host.  I would suggested honoring your mother in your ceremony's program.

    For the invite wording what about (although I'm not sure this is correct etiquette-wise):

    Mr. Father's Name
    along with
    Mr. Step-father's name

    invite you to celebrate the marriage of

    YOUR name
    FI's name

    Son of Mr. and Mrs. FFIL's name
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    She doesn't need verseit, she has us :P
  • I completely understand your situation. My FI comes from literally the most picture perfect nuclear family, while I have a Father (who is graciously paying quite a bit of our wedding expenses) and a mother/stepfather that I love dearly. I've been thinking about how to write the invites. I like the suggestions above (Father, next line Mother/Stepdad  for the wedding of  Bride  to Groom, son of Father/Mother) 

    Thanks for the great suggestions and good luck OP. I'm sorry you have to figure out a good way to do this. I'd certainly include your mother on the program or some other material if you'd like though.
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  • I've seen invitations where it says

    Mrs. Mary Doe and the Late John Doe
     invite you to wedding of their daughter...

    So perhaps,

    Father's name and
    the Late Mrs./Ms. Mother's Name and Stepfather's name... 
  • OK, so to add to the challenge, my father and mother were never married.  If I were to include her she would need a separate line, right?  Also, since my maiden name is my mother's last name, not my father's, I need to include my full name?
  • You would include your full name if your last name is  not your father's last name.  Your mother doesn't belong on the invitations but people should be aware.  As OOT said, your mom is best recognized on the program and not the invitation.
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