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Label etiquitte for STD's...HELP!!

My question is simple.....I'm doing my save the date labels....Am I supposed to only write, for instance, Mr. John Smith or to Mr. John Smith & Guest on his label for the STD?  Obviously the Wedding invite would have the & Guest.

Sounds weird, but seems important too.....

Thanks in advance!

Re: Label etiquitte for STD's...HELP!!

  • I would just write Mr. John Smith for the STD if he is truly single and you are just giving him a plus one.  When you actually send out wedding invitations, you can write "and guest" if the person is single. Otherwise, do your best to actually find out the name of the person's SO. 

    Also, according to traditional etiquette guidelines, you shouldn't use mailing labels; that is advice you will see on this board quite a bit.  According to etquette, it is best to hand write the addresses, and it is also acceptable to print directly on the envelope.  Personally, I think that because STDs are less formal than invitations, it is fine to use clear labels, but be warned that some of your guests who are more traditional might side-eye it.
  • You'd handwrite Mr. John Smith.  You can opt to include 'and guest' if John is truly single and you're telling him he will be welcome to bring a date or you can include an enclosure card indicating the same thing.

  • Totally agree with previous posters:  you won't be using LABELS on anything having to do with a formal wedding where you are in a wedding dress with a train and FI is in a tux. 

    And it's just Mr. John Smith at this point.  But when you see John and he says he got your STD, you can tell him that the invitation will include a plus one.  Then when you get about two months out and you start on your wedding invitations, you call John and ask for the NAME of his guest.  You don't put AND GUEST on anything wedding-related.
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