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How to address...

I'm sure this has been asked a million times over; I apologize for having to ask it again. 

How do I address a STD to an unmarried couple with a child?  Do I even address the STDs with the childrens names?  If it makes a difference, it will be on a postcard. 

I feel like this is the right way, but I think it looks silly? 

Mr. John Doe
Ms. Susie Smith 
Childs first name

What about a family with children from two previous marriages?  There is no reason to signify that they are from separate marriages, just call them by first name, right? 

Mr. and Mrs. John Doe
Girl and Boy 

Do I put "and Child and Child" on the second line? Or no 'and'? 

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Re: How to address...

  • Thanks edie!  One more question... 

    I know that each guest should get their own invite, but what about STDs?  A few examples... My adult cousins who live at home with parents, our college guy friends who all still live together.  They'll all get their own invites with +1s, but I think it seems silly to send 3 STDs to one address since they all share one fridge?  


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  • I think you can use "Master" or "Miss" in front of a child's name on the outer envelope.
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