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RSVP cards vs. Email RSVP...thoughts?

I wanted to get y'alls thoughts.  i am ordering my invites for my wedding.   I wanted to get input on whether the seperate RSVP cards are necessary or not these days?  Do most people return them?  I was thinking to save money (almost $200) that I could skip that, and do an email rsvp or something like that.  But do you think people respond that way or are they used to the paper ones that they mail back?    The thing is that 90% of the guests are from out of town, so t ypically would include hotel need to find out if they will be riding the bus transporation that we are providing....but could I put that all on a seperate card, and ask them to email their rsvp, and include what hotel they plan to stay in, and if they are planning on using the bus?
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