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Everyone walking down the aisle..

Our ceremony and reception is really intimate. Eighty people in total and our actual wedding group is small. I only wanted my sister by my side up there and my fiance is still debating between his best friend and big brother as the best man. In any case since its a really small ceremony and I dont like the idea of everyone hooking arms and doing the typical wedding march down the aisle. Would it be weird if I asked everyone to hold hands instead or walk separately one by one?

By everyone I mean his parents, my mother and groom, MOH and BM, my father and myself...

What do you think?

Re: Everyone walking down the aisle..

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    I dont see why's your wedding and you can have things whatever you think its most appropriate and most comfortable.  You could also have the best man and your FI waiting at the end for you and your bridemaid to process in solo...the options are endless =)

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    I would be very uncomfortable if I were the MOH and had to hold hands with some random guy who happened to be the BM.
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    I'm sorry, I'm not holding hands with anyone but my husband.  No.  Just no.  That would be extremely weird and awkward for everyone involved.
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    Ha! Its a good thing I asked you guys first! We're all a pretty close bunch and my MOH and my fiance's best friend and brother know eachother very well. But, you guys are right it would probably look awkward. In that case, should everyone walk solo except my father and I, OR should we still have them walk in pairs.
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    yeah, hand holding can be a bit intimate for some people, so I would skip that part. 
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    yeah i would just have the walk solo
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    I think you're overthinking this.  It's a 30 second walk down the aisle.  And frankly, I don't see why one person taking the arm of another is a problem.  I think it's more formal, and certainly less intimate than holding someone's hand.

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