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Seeking help: calligraphy and 100% cotton paper

I'm hoping you knowledgable knotties can help me out.  I'm struggling to get a smooth & consistent ink line from my calligraphy pen on our envelopes.  The slower I write, the better it gets, but it's still not working quite right.  Everything looks fine on regular printer paper, just not on the actual envelopes.

I'm using a $15 Manuscript Classic Calligraphy set from Michaels, along with their accompanying inks.  Currently using a 1.6mm nib.  The paper is Crane Lettra 110# which is 100% cotton.

Any suggestions?  Maybe I should just buy a cheap "calligraphy" marker?  Or does this require a nicer pen?

Thanks in advance...

Re: Seeking help: calligraphy and 100% cotton paper

  • well i am no expert but cotton is such a fiberous paper it is most likely not helping with a crisp line. Also if the paper has a texture to it that would also contribute to uneven lines. Flat paper that has another material other than cotton to help the stiffness as well as smoothness should help you write a consistant line.

    Go to an art store (not a craft store) and see if you can get samples from them to test out paper. Printmakers paper like stonehenge or mulbury is amazing paper and takes ink like nobodies business....those paper do cost a pretty penny though.

    I would also check your ink, if it is cheap, the ink hasn't been 'shaken up" in a while or you are watering the ink down the ink will blot up and wont be consistant.

  • I'll just comment to say that we used Crane paper as well (100% cotton) and hired a calligrapher, and it came out beautifully, so I know it can be done. Now, unfortunately, I don't know what type of pen she used, but perhaps you could ask someone at a nice paper shop for a suggestion or go to a specialty pen shop with a sample of the paper and see if they can find the right pen for you.
  • Thanks, ladies.  I suspect it is a crappy pen / ink.  Sadly, the $1.99 marker I bought transfers a much smoother line.  BAH!  :-)
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