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Affordable Pocketfold Invitations?

Can anyone recommend a pocketfold vendor for about $3-$4 per invitation?  We will have 150+ invitations so I would really like to stay in this range, but most that I have seen are cloers to $5-$6+ per invitation.

Thanks in advance!

Re: Affordable Pocketfold Invitations?

  • are you doing these yourself?  if so, have you looked at cardsandpockets.com?  they have invitation kits that keep the costs down.  Mine are coming at about $2.74 each, that includes the pocketfold, the mat, the pre-cut invite, 3 pre-cut inserts, and a pre-cut rsvp plus envelopes for the pocketfold and the rsvp.  hth
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  • I used Paper Presentation.  But mine are still in progress. .. .

    I am making them myself For 100 invitations-- It is about 1.30 for the pocket folder, Invitation Mats were 19cents/mat b/c I got them cut down to my size.
    I haven't gotten my printing together yet, b/c I don't know what we're doing with that but the paper for the inserts was $25cents/insert  b/c i'm having those cut down instead of using pre-cut paper.
    so that's our costs so far.
  • I bought mine from Micheals with a 40% off coupon.  I got 30 invites for $22.  FI and I both bought a box each time we were there and it only took us 2 trips to get the 120 we needed!
  • If you are DIYing, i agree with pp that cardsandpockets.com is the way to go. I purchased my pocketfolds there and spent like $.50 for each pocketfold. Invitations ended up costing about 2.30 each with postage.

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  • I'm doing pocketfolds

    creativelyengaged dot com

    Great price and I love what she did so far

    Also agree if you do DYI I like cardsandpockets.com

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