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Invites and Paper


about to print my invites...

can you guys proof read for me please..

  “ Many are the stars I see,                                but in my eye no star like thee”

Libby Bride

Patrick Groom

along with their parents,
invite you to sharein their happiness
as they unite in marriage. 

Saturday, the twenty-eighth of August,
two thousand ten
at two o’clock in the afternoon 

St John Lutheran Church
City, State

Reception to follow  

 formatting..the top quote is aligned differently..it didnt paste well..and the and is centered underneath our names)



  • The font is really difficult to read.  It makes "al" look like a d.  And that's just BAD for a few of the instances where it occurs.  

    Drop the comma at the end of the date line.

    I would actually change "Along with their parents" to say "together with their parents".

    And, I personally would drop the quote.  Too much stuff for an invitation.  But, the text you have is a
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    Dresses may be easier to take in than let out, but guest lists are not. -- kate51485
  • It's two thousand AND ten.

    Horrible grammar and math but etiquette wise, it's correct.

    other than that, what pps said
  • bbyckesbbyckes member
    5000 Comments Combo Breaker
    Leave out the "and."  Two thousand ten.
  • "Share in their" line seems a bit crowded, as share in looks like one word. That may just be a formatting issue on here though. Looks good. :) Its really how you want it to look and sound. Casual v. "proper", and whatever style makes you and your FI happy.
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