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We are having guests bring a covered side dish instead of gifts. That way bringing a gift is optional. How do you think that I could word it? 

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  • How big of a wedding is this?  Unless it is really only immediate family I couldn't see it working very well.  You never know what you will end up with people bringing (ie- it could be all salads or all veggies, etc).  I would personally not want to haul food to a wedding with me and try to keep it hot or cold and risk getting it on my good clothes.  I am also the type of person who will not eat anything other people have made if I don't know them well.  I imagine food comes out of the dirtiest most infested kitchens possible unless I can be pretty sure otherwise....
  • How large of a wedding is this?  Is it common practice for your social circle??
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    Isn't gift giving optional anyway?  I don't think you need to write that out on your invitations. 

    Again, how large is the wedding and how are you "assigning" what dish people bring.  If this isn't common in your circle and your extended cirlce, I would reconsider doing this.

    Not only could this be disaster, but not everyone can cook.  Logistically how are you planning on keeping the food warm and the temperatures in the "safe zone"? I am really picky about who cooks the food I eat.  These are things to consider about doing something like this. 

  • I would really think twice about this. I tihnk the biggest issue would be keeping the food in the "safe zone"  that is a really big deal. What if someone cooks somthing bad and you all get salmanila poisoning or something. That would be BAD! Maybe ask around some more about this.
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  • I guess I didn't explain it well. In my family and in our group of friends that is kind of how it works. Anytime we have a get together of any kind that is the routine. The host provides the meat and the guests bring their own beverages and side dishes. Thanks everyone for your inputs. I have asked many people in our group of friends and family and they all said that they would be more than happy to bring something. I will look more into it though.
  • Thanks everyone for you input!I have one thing to sayWho all is registered somewhere??So you are asking for someone to but you something that YOU want!!!You say that what I am asking is rude!!!!YOU ARE RUDE!!!!!I asked for your opinion and you gave it! Now here is my opinion!
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    [QUOTE]Thanks everyone for you input! I have one thing to say Who all is registered somewhere?? So you are asking for someone to but you something that YOU want!!! You say that what I am asking is rude!!!! YOU ARE RUDE!!!!! I asked for your opinion and you gave it! Now here is my opinion!
    Posted by stori489[/QUOTE]

    Really?  You asked for advice and you were given great, unbiased advice.

    No one was rude but to come back and yell in all caps is quite inappropriate.

    Oh, and DH and I may have had a registry but we not once, and in NO PLACE did we advertise it and we didn't request that anyone buy off it.

    So that's where you're completely mistaken about the difference between a registry and what you're doing and how to handle it appropriately.
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