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Different question about Inviting children

There are some children I really want at my wedding, I just don't want all my friends with children to bring there children. My FI and I decided to only have one flower girl and one ring bearer, but there Are a few other children we would genuinely like at our wedding. For eample, my FI currently is living in a families basement and is really close with the whole family, excluding there 5 boys. Basically what it boils down to is we want the significant children in our lives at our wedding. These are children that we are going to watch grow-up and they will still be in our lives 15 years from now and are practically family. I don't want "random" children at my wedding just like I don't want random guests. We are letting out friends who have dated for at lest a year or are engaged or married bring a guest ( or if they are traveling a long way or really don't know anyone). Is there a tactful way to invite some children. It's about 15 children that we really want there. They are between the ages of 3 and 15. Could we send them there own invitations so there is no confusion and then be really explicate on the other RSVP cards so there is nowhere to write down extra names. We really can't afford to have everyone's kids. We are also having an outdoor evening reception and there is nowhere a babysitter could set up camp... THANKS

Re: Different question about Inviting children

  • Just invite the kids you want. They don't get separate invites. For those people whose kids you don't want coming, make sure to address the invite to the parents only and if they RSVP with more people than invited, call them and say "were sorry but the invitation was meant for X and Y. We hope you can still make it." leave it at that.
  • Well, for starters, you need to invite anyone in a relationship to bring their SO.  Don't create an arbitrary cutoff of a year.  Those in a relationshp need to be invited with their SO.  Period.

    When it comes to children, you can invite those you're close to.  The danger comes if you're not making a clean cutoff - such as inviting the children of some cousins but not all. 
  • I think you are opening up a huge can of worms.  Of course, you can invite children of immediate family without offending too many people. But, when you start picking and choosing children based on significance.  If you are closer to cousin Joe, he gets to bring his kids, but cousin Jane doesn't, there are going to be major hurt feelings.  And if someone is told they can't bring their children and they arrive at your wedding and see a bunch of kids, it is going to raise eyebrows. 

    Also, if someone is in a relationship... you have to invite their SO.  Having a "dating at least a year" cutoff or "engaged" cutoff is rude.  I imagine you and your fiance (like most of us) felt like your relationship was very significant well before a year of dating.  Excluding someone's partner because they haven't met the year criteria is very rude.
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