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Has anyone done this on Vistaprint?

Hopefully someone can offer some help.  I'd like to use VP for my invites and upload a design (by either myself or someone on etsy, haven't decided yet).  I'd also like to do a pocketfold.  However, since VP's larger invite sizes (6"x9") seem to make pocketfolds a bit difficult, I was thinking of uploading a design that has two side-by-side invites on the 6"x9" VP paper and cutting each one into two 4.5"x6" invites.  That way it would be easier to either DIY a pocketfold, or buy a 5x7 pocketfold, and I'd only have to get half as many invites printed on VP. 

Anyone have any success doing this? TIA!

Re: Has anyone done this on Vistaprint?

  • I did this!  I bought 6x6 pocketfolds, so my friend who designed my invites on Publisher just put a gray box on the top 3 inches of the invite.  When I recieved them in the mail, I just cut off the gray box. I also did a similar thing for my insert cards.  The reception card had the gray box at the top to cut off, so they sat staggered in the pocket.

    Just remember the 6x9 invite isn't a perfect 6x9, its more like a 5.5 x 8.5.  So make sure you buy the appropriate sized pocketfold.  I got mine from Cards & Pockets.  I also bought my envelopes from them too.

    If you don't do the two on one invite route as you mentioned above, VP will strech images from what I was told.  That is why my friend added the gray box. 
  • Thanks so much!  And I had totally forgotten about doing the staggered inserts that way on VP.  I'm planning on doing a 5x7 pocketfold, so something slightly less than 6x9 should work OK!
  • Just a friendly reminder...don't forget because of that size, the post office will charge a higher postage rate.

    Best wishes.
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