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Reception and RSVP card wording! HELP!!!

Hi everyone! I am hoping you can help me! My reception starts 2 hours after the ceremony, at a different location. so i am struggling on the wording. How does this sound for the reeption info:  Dinner Reception to follow at six o'clock PM at 124 restaurant, address adress
Also, we are having two receptions (one is in a different state) I need to RSVP card to indicate which reception they are going to be attending, as well as how many people. what is the best way to do this??? thanks soooo much!!!

Re: Reception and RSVP card wording! HELP!!!

  • OK.

    1) Please host something in the gap and include that info on an insert card (sorry - had to say it)

    2) I'd say, "Reception to begin at 6 PM" listing all the information you gave.

    3) If there's a second reception on a different date, that also requires a second invitation.
  • Generally if the reception is at a different location than the ceremony you should have the information on a separate reception card, rather on the invitation itself.
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  • My reception card reads:

    Please join us for
    cocktails, dinner, and dancing
    at 5 o'clock

    XYZ Country Club
    123 Road
    City, State

    Sorry, no suggestions are the RSVP card.
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