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I hired my sister...and its uphill from there.

Let me just start off by saying that I asked both of my sisters to be bridesmaids in my wedding, and both declined, neither one being the girly or supportive type. But, one sister offered to do my stationery and printing (she has a graphic design degree). The problem is that it took FOR-E-VER for her to get my save-the-dates done and they went out later than planned, and now I wanted to have my invites sent out this week, but she hasn't even started on them yet! She also lives several states away and has to mail them to me, requiring more time. I have called, emailed, and texted and all i got back was an 'I'm really busy, I'll try to work on them this week," text today. What should I do?? I have given her another deadline of having them in my hands by the 5th of August so that I can mail them by the 8th, but what if she doesn't meet that deadline?? She's my sister....I have no idea where to go with this from here. Please help.

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