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Invites for adult children who live at home

Hi knotties -

My fiance has a million cousins, many of whom are adult children (yes, even post-college age) who live at home with their parents.  What's the rule?  Do those cousins get invites of their own?  If so, that would mean that some households would be receiving as many as five invitations from us.  That is A LOT of money to spend on duplicate invites all going to the same house.  Let's assume that these adult children are going being invited with guest.  What do you think?  Can I list parents and adult children all on the same invitation or is it tacky?

Thanks so much!

Re: Invites for adult children who live at home

  • For my invitations, I am sending all adult invitations living at home a seperate invitation.  I believe that etiquette speaking it is the appropriate thing.  Howevr, it can add on to the expense.
  • I'm wondering the same thing. Honestly, I think when that etiquette rule was made, that was probably assuming someone other than the bride and groom was paying for it, lol. I think it's a dumb rule personally. Luckily, in my case, I only really have about two families with adult children living in the house that I would have to worry about but I was just going to put their names on one invite.

    I mean do people really care if you don't send more than one invite to their house for them and their kids? I guess that question is me venting also... since it makes no sense.
  • Panda, the issue is that the adult children who live at home have their own lives separate from their parents.  To include them with their parents is 1, insulting and 2, making life for YOU difficult since it may take much longer to get a response card back if the people live under one roof but with lives that hardly ever intersect.

    If there are adult children who live in the house, they get their own invitation separate from their parents.  It's possible to put the adult children on one invitation but logistically, it just makes more sense to factor one invitation per non-married adult.
  • Adult children get their own invites regardless of whether they live with their parents or on their own.  I defined adult as anyone 18 and over.
  • 5 invites to one house or not, each adult living at home gets his or her own invite. I think this is especially true if you are inviting them with a guest. It may seem like a waste of postage, but it's no different than if they lived away from home.
  • Yup, adult children (age 18+) should get their own invites - regardless of whether or not they still live under their parent's roof.
    This may mean you're sending 4 or 5 invites to one household, but like someone else mentioned, if they lived in their own apartments you'd still be sending them invitations, right? It just happens that in this case, they'll be delievred to the same street address.
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  • That's not really proper either - and I don't know that you'd find it to be a huge money savings.
  • They should each get their own invitation, and it should be mailed separately to each of them. 
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