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separate invites for adult children?

Hi all, my question is about inviting a family who have kids living at the house and also outside of the house. I want to invite everyone. Should I send a separate invite to the kid who is living outside of the house, and one to the family? 

Re: separate invites for adult children?

  • You should send a separate invitation to each person with a driver's license. I have missed weddings because I was away at school and my family 3,000 miles away didn't tell me about the invitations.
  • If the family has a kid that no longer lives at home, than an invitation would go to that house. Technically, you should send an invitation to anyone who is an adult (over 18, or 21, depending on what you consider adult). So if there is a family that has 3 kids, 1 is in high school, 1 is in college and the other is out of the house you would do this:

    One invitation to the parents and the kid in high school.
    One invitation to the kid in college, even if they are home for the summer
    One invitation to the kid who lives in a different location (sent to that location).

    The only time I ran into this was with my own brother and sister, and my parents best friends daughter. In both situations I sent 1 to each house. I knew my brother and sister were already coming (brother is a gm, sister is a reader) so the invitation was more of a formality/ my mom was excited to actually open one even though she helped stuff them sort of thing. In the case of my parents best friends, their daughter is my sisters best friend, so again she knew about the wedding and has reserved the date since she knew when it was. Because I knew this, I only sent one. My parents best friends also have a son who lives in his own place so I sent one directly to him.

    Hope this made sense!
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