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I am not sure if I should be thinking about menu cards for each person at our reception. We will be sending out rsvp's with a choice of pork or chicken (they will have vegetarian dishes on hand as well as glucose free if needed) and I am not sure if I should do menu cards at the tables. I don't want to confuse people when they sit down if they have forgotten what they rsvp'd for. However I like the idea behind the menu card as we will be having a cake buffet as well.

Or do I word my rsvps to include each persons individual choice and personalize each menu card to that. (totally possible as my mom is doing all paper items as she owns her own business.)

Let me know your thoughts!

Re: Menu Cards

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    Are you assigning individual seats at tables? You would have to if you are doing personalized menus. 

    I could see this being confusing with the menu choice, i.e. If people move their place cards to sit next to a specific person, and don't think to move their menu. Probably more trouble than what it is worth. 

    You could do a small menu of your cake buffet items that would be the same for each guest. The cake buffet is something out of the ordinary that guests wouldn't expect, and the menu would alert them to the fact that there is a cake buffet, which is always a good thing to be alerted to!  
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    I think the only practical way to do this would be to personalize each with the person's menu selection, otherwise it would be confusing. If you're willing to do one per table, you can design a menu with all of the other items you're serving and just put "entree" rather than being specific about what is being served for that course.
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    I agree with PPs.  I think that it'll be too difficult in the long run to individually personalize the menu cards.  If you want to do the menus, you can do it to where it says everything, and for the entree, you can put "your choice of ___ or ___" instead of specifying which that person has already chosen.

    But I also do agree on the menu for just the cake buffet.
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    I'm having a sit down dinner and had the same question.  I contacted the lady at my reception venue and asked her opinion.  She suggested that we ask people to initial by their menu choice on the RSVP.  On the place cards just have their name and table number so that they can pick their own seats (and I don't have to do a detailed seating chart) and simply put a small dot label on the back of the card.  Yellow for chicken, red for beef, blue for fish.  This way the servers can give the guest their menu choice based on the color on their card and their will be no confusion.  Another perk-you won't be spending money on menu cards!
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