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Unique ideas?

I plan on having a low budget wedding but I still want it to be memorable. I'm looking for unique save the date and invitation ideas.

Re: Unique ideas?

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    A cheap place to do invitations and STDs is VistaPrint.  You can do your own design (free!) and upload it to the site, they will print it and often have promotions for free stuff, free shipping, etc. 

    Check out jena.n.ross's site, she has tons of ideas for VP:
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    This site has some options that might work for you.  Just click on the wedding stationery button on the left.
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    Look into seal and send invites.  They are very economical.  They are originally made by calrson craft but some users on etsy are making them as well as other independent designers.  As far as STD's I agree with vistaprint.  Very inexpensive!
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    We made magnet save the dates, 2 packages for $22. Designed them myself, printed them myself. REALLY easy.

    My mom is making the invites. We went up to the scrapbook store, picked out all different kinds of papers I liked and some really cute flowers in my colours. We're making all the invitation different and they're costing less than a dollar a piece. Every one is unique and BEAUTIFUL
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