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What do I do? I'm the maid of honor and my husband is not invited!!

My sister despises my husband.  Our kids are in the wedding, I am the maid of honor, but my HUSBAND is not invited.  I know she doesn't like him, but she doesn't need to broadcast it to the intire family.  That walk down the isle will be like a walk of shame to me.  Then I have to spend the whole night explaining to people why my husband is not there.  I am considering rescinding the crown and not going at all.  I know it's my sister's day, but I am sick of being put to shame.  My marital problems are between my husband and I- not anyone else.  Why should I broadcast to everyone in the family that things are rocky?  Is it too much to ask of my sister to suck it up and enjoy her weddingfr what it is.  One person sitting across the room isn't going to make a difference.  How do I tell my kids that their fater cant come?!  How could I look back at the "family" portrait with just me and the kids?  I can see it now.."where's daddy in this picture?" And I'll have to again explain, this time to my children, that my sister doesn't like him and we were having marital problems.  each photo would be a painful reminder.  What's worse, enjoying your wedding no matter who is there, or not inviting your sister's husband?  I don't thing expecting her to enjoy her wedding anyway is too much to ask.
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