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DIY info card not part of suite

I'm getting ready to order my invites and rsvps from Delphine Press (I got a groupon for $400 worth). Invites + RSVPS = $415, and I realized I can save another $165 by doing my own info card. I found enclosures from very inexpensively. I'm just worried they will look out of place without the coordinating design on them. Has anyone else done this? What can you suggest? TIA!
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Re: DIY info card not part of suite

  • One thing about Cards & Pockets - we ordered RSVP cards and enclosure cards already cut to size.  All we had to do was print them, right?  One problem though, both card sizes were too small for both my home printer and work printer.  I spent HOURS and HOURS trying to get them to print.  I finally returned the unopened packs and ordered full size 8-1/2" x 11" sheets and used their template to gauge the size.  I was able to print easy-peasy and went to Kinko's to cut them down to size.  (Plus, the full size sheets are WAY cheaper than the already cut cards!)

    Now to answer your question, can you find a similar or coordinating design in a clip art and insert it in?  Or find a similar stamp design and stamp it on?  As a last resort, you could have no design on the cards but keep the font style and color the same.
  • I think I would almost have it without the design than try to match it and have it look obvious that it's not the same (because I would never be happy with it and my OCD would probably come out full force). So I guess I just answered my own question. Smile

    Thanks for the advice on C&P. I did order a sample to test with my printer. But if the larger sheets are cheaper, I will most likely go with that! They seem to have excellent customer service because I changed my original order and they give the option to add or remove items. Plus I got a personal email stating that my changes were taken care of.

    Thanks again!
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