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My fiance and I have the same last name

My fiance and I have the same last name. We share a relative from the 1700s, and we are very distant cousins many times removed. I'm having trouble wording my invitations. I would really like to put "Together with their families....Bethany Ann and Jason Todd invite you.." but our RSVP address is "Jason and Bethany Last Name..." and I'm afraid this is going to confuse people (the ones who don't know we have the same name). Neither of our parents have offered to host the wedding, but I suppose I have to put their names on the invitation? Our wedding isn't formal at all, but my fiance's dad is a retired captain in the navy. Do I have to put that on the invitation? And his real name is James, but he goes by Damon. So would I have to put Mr. and Mrs. James Last Name? or Mr. and Mrs. Damon Last Name? or Mr. and Mrs. James Damon Last Name? I need help!!
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