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International Invites?

We are getting married in Canada at the end of July. Should I send out invitations to US guest earlier that 6-8 weeks, incase they need time to apply for their passport? How early is too early for an international invitation? 

Re: International Invites?

  • I mailed our international ones about 10 weeks out, but they mostly went to South America, where I know it takes forever to get anything.  From US/Canada, mail will make in a week, so maybe do 9-10 weeks out.  

    Did you send out STDs?  Do people on your guest list know that you are getting married in Canada and that they will be invited?  If that's the case, they'll go ahead and work on the passport before they get the invitation.  If not, I would recommend making some phone calls or sending some emails to those people to let them know that an invitation will be coming, but here's the date if they want to think about traveling.
  • If you sent STDs, then I think 10 weeks is safe.  If you didn't, I would find a way to let people know as soon as possible that an invitation will be coming and let them plan accordingly.
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